Use and Maintenance Manuals for Machines and Installations
Technical Construction Files

The methods of acquiring information and drafting adopted by our experts allow us to provide in any case a first-rate 'turnkey' service, optimizing time and costs, without distracting the Customer's technical personnel from its usual activities.

The accumulated skill and experience allow us to easily provide:


“turnkey“ Instruction Manuals;


technical construction files;


revision and integration of pre-existing documents


effective technical presentations

All Manufacturers are today aware that the Use and Maintenance Manual is an absolute obligation and that it must always be provided in the language of the Country where the Machine is installed.

However, not everyone knows exactly “which information” must be complying with included in the manual. The answer to this question is contained in EHSR 1.7.4 of Annex I of the Directive, Chapter 6.4 of the Harmonized Standard EN ISO 12100 and Chapter 11 of the Harmonized Standard EN ISO 13849-1.

The Use and Maintenance Manuals created by Micro Style allow easy interaction among:

  descriptions of the machine units
  maintenance sheets
  electrical diagram
  hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, etc. diagrams
  spare parts list

For example, starting from a warning or error message issued by the machine's PLC, the user is guided step-by-step to an effective troubleshooting navigating through all the pertinent documentation. The content and the \”level of detail\” of the topics included in the manual is agreed in advance with the Manufacturer, always complying with the legal requirements imposed by EHSR 1.7.4. Information - Instructions. Considering that the failure to comply with EHSR 1.7.4 represents about 25% of the disputes formulated by market surveillance bodies.


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