Corporate communication

Corporate communication

The technical knowledge accumulated by our staff in the most advanced mechanical, electronic/IT and automation technologies, allow us to better support our customers in all the strategic activities of corporate communication, which contributes significantly to consolidate the image of the company..

Classic or interactive / multimedia documentation.

Realization of catalogs and technical-commercial documentation, starting from the study of the integration of text, photos and drawings up to the final print. Our specialists are also able to develop projects with a high interactive and/or multimedia level, such as catalogs or projects for corporate and trade fair presentations, with the use of the most modern equipment and special software for videos, images and sounds capturing/manipulating. Thanks to special software, among which Adobe Reader is certainly the best known, documents saved in PDF format can not only be printed, but read directly on the screen on any type of computer. It is possible to create bookmarks, thumbnails, links and references to other documents.

Website design and realization

Study and development of customized websites, with dedicated and exclusive graphics and optimized manual coding for maximum compatibility with search engines indexing algorithms; responsive adaptation to all multimedia devices. Showcase sites, e-commerce or simple catalogs tailored to the specific needs of the type of corporate and/or product, along with all the assistance needed to properly structure the global presence on the network, from Google tools to social networks.

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